This course will assist you in properly preparing for an interview.


This course will assist you in properly preparing for an interview. Hopefully, a personal interview, whether it is in person at a potential employer’s office, or via a virtual platform. The objective is to prepare so well that you are the successful candidate and can proceed in a career where you can make a difference and add value! Not to mention, earning an honest income and being able to positively change the direction of your life!

In my role as an independent Human Resources Consultant, I interview many candidates. This is not a meeting that you want to go into blind….if the meeting (called an interview) is important for you and you really would want to be employed in the position you are applying for, it is most certainly worthwhile to properly prepare for it! It does not only mean that you drive to the company to see where their offices are or to visit their website. It is also to think pro-actively about which kind of questions and situations they can challenge you with.

We will discuss which types of interviews potential employers could invite you to, questions that may NOT be asked, and the reasons why. And of course, we will also discuss questions and the type of questions you could be asked.

We will also look at the type of assessments that could be conducted and lastly, which references could be checked to make sure that you are the right candidate for the position. In the course, we will briefly discuss the dress code for interviews as well as some tips for presenting yourself (we also refer to this as your body language).


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