Living the company’s values and behaviours

Living the company’s values and behaviours

As our businesses slowly, but surely, return to some kind of normality and we start planning for 2021, it is perhaps a time to revisit your values to ensure that all act and behave in line with your values at all times.

In my experience, company’s values often tend to be a written somewhere in a document or on the wall where nobody really take notice. However, it is vital for all and every employee to apply and LIVE these values in order to have that competitive edge (especially in these challenging times!)

In our (i.e. Uluma HR’s) structured Mentorship Programme we embark on a specific Strategic Intent exercise to establish if all really know and understand the company’s Vision, Mission and Values. Employees are asked their understanding (in their own words) and we then embark on what typical negative and positive behavioural indicators are of these. Oh, how I often wish some of the leaders could have been present!

We then introduce what we call the R A V E process. RAVE is an acronym for:

R – random  A – acts of  V – values  E – enhancement

Employees are encouraged to go and RAVE and in a specified time period, report back on their RAVE moments. Let us know if you want to RAVE in order to be ready for whatever 2021 holds for all of us!

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