Life Purpose, Personal Vision, Values, Self Confidence, Self-Worth

Life Purpose, Personal Vision, Values, Self Confidence, Self-Worth

In my previous newsletter, I referred to the importance of having a PURPOSE. As an added service to clients, I wish to inform you that I am now a certified coach and facilitator with MOTTO Business Consulting to coach both the Individual Assessment as well as the Gender Perception Tool. Both are online assessments. 

The Individual Assessment could transform your teams’ (or, of course, individuals’) performance and productivity as this self-assessment tool is able to identify areas that might need to be developed.
Once the online assessment has been done, the individuals and the team would be given an hour coaching feedback session.

The Individual Assessments highlights the following areas:

Life Purpose Personal Vision Values Self Confidence Self-Worth Habit Management Resilience Creative thinking Problem solving These are just a few of the positive areas you or your team can work on with these tools. 

R575.00 /person

1-hour coaching feedback session per person.

For a feedback session of a team
(all together) 

Thereafter we can embark on a coaching journey to develop the FULL potential within us and within our teams!

Looking forward to hearing from you!