Finding FOCUS in a VUCA world

Finding FOCUS in a VUCA world

The effect of Covid19 on the “World of Work” (and of course so many other areas of our lives) has been drastic. The BIG Question….

How do we cope and keep positive in these challenging times?

The concept of VUCA came to mind. ( &

Really interesting to do some research on this topic. You will see that we really live in a VUCA world.

VVolatile, UUncertain, C Complex and AAmbiguous

Where the nature, dynamics and speed of change, as well as the lack of predictability plus the complexity of this time in our lives can be changed with the following ‘strategies’:

V – hold on to your VISION, U – attempt to UNDERSTAND,
try and get CCLARITY and be AAGILE

While this lockdown and phase 4 (and living in a VUCA World) has ‘forced’ us to think and act differently, it has also afforded wonderful opportunities to revisit some books that I have read a long time ago:

Stephen Covey with his valuable 7 habits of highly effective people – which made me revisit / re-assess certain areas of my life and goals. His 2nd Habit (begin with the End in mind) and the very valuable 3rd Habit, i.e. Put First Things First helped a lot to get some guidance and clarity. I have used this time to re-assess various areas of my life – my financial situation, business going forward, lifestyle, health, family, physical and spiritual. It has been an exceptional journey these last few weeks. Please let me know if you need some guidance and help, specifically on setting and achieving your goals.


Viktor Frankl’s book Man’s Search for Meaning, again reminded me how important our ATTITUDE is in tough times. It will, in the end, be the determining factor how we emerge after this situation.

With all this social distancing, working remotely, off site, online, Zoom or Microsoft Teams have been a wonderful way to connect (a huge need for me as an extrovert). I really miss interacting with all of you! You are more than welcome to contact me if you would like us to connect on any topic or HR related challenge, question or you really just need to chat (via internet).

Many blessings to you, stay safe, healthy and POSITIVE!

Margaux Gaigher
Uluma Human Resources