This ongoing Covid19 situation has shattered our ‘normal’ worlds and we had to change many ways of doing things. Through this, I am reminded of how important it is to have PURPOSE. We, as humans, need PURPOSE, get up to go somewhere, do something, work, build, make, write, edit, create, produce, work towards our goals, etc. Our jobs are part of living a life on PURPOSE and with PURPOSE.

As an HR consultant, I had to assist some clients with changing remuneration structures, reducing salaries, temporary lay-offs and, in some cases, retrenching employees. It has been very tough emotionally and really not rewarding work. So many of us never realised the impact on our lives, on our finances, our goals (what we really wanted for 2020), our well-being (physical and psychological)…… and our PURPOSE!

Employers, if you feel your teams need some inspiration, positivity, motivation or inspiring messages, consider offering any of these highly interactive workshops which can be done online via Zoom, or MS Teams or in person, if all protocols are followed: Maximising YOUR potential – living a life of excellence and significance in these challenging times. Self-mastery and Emotional Maturity (changing attitudes in order to ‘cope’ in this ‘deurmekaar’ world we are living in) The POWER of Goal Setting and Vision boarding – time to revisit in order to achieve excellence? The ‘WORLD’ of WORK…..Oh, I haven’t been for an interview in ages…what can I expect? How should my CV look like, how do I prepare, etc.?  (Absolutely worthwhile for employees who have been retrenched)


Margaux Gaigher
Uluma Human Resources


Special Lockdown Fee

3 Hour Workshops @ R455
per employee

Details of the workshops can be mailed.